Below are some other projects and ventures I am involved with.

The Living Luppy Podcast

A fat musician fights to lose 200 lbs and learns a whole lot of lessons along the way!  New episode every Wednesday at noon CT!

Want to learn to play piano by ear?  This is the site to find out more info on piano lessons with me.  I teach lessons out of my home studio.  This is also where you can find all the info on my piano entertainment gigs and listen to some recordings of me playing Miley Cyrus.

Sky West Trio

This is my awesome band I play in.  We do everything from jazz to rap and everything in between.  It's a lot fun.  Hit the link to see our calendar and come out and say "Hi" sometime!

Jim Manley/Chris Swan Duo

If you have not heard Jim play the trumpet, you are missing out.  He is one of St. Louis' premier trumpet players and he's also a really good friend of mine.  We play traditional jazz all over the St. Louis area every week.  Tuesdays at Riverbend Restaurant.  Wednesdays at Sasha's on Demun.  And many other gigs around the scene.  Hit the link to head over to Jim's website where he has a calendar up that has our dates on it.

50$Jones And Dr. Blow

50$Jones And Dr. Blow

This is a side project Jim Manley and I are working on.  We are taking old hits, including some rap tunes, and giving them a smooth jazz overhaul.  More info COMING SOON...