NEW SINGLE: On The Lonely Road (With You)

lonely road art

I am putting out lots of new music until the release of my upcoming album.  Today it is my single “On The Lonely Road (With You).”  This tune is from my 2003 album Lo Fi And For The Underground Vol. 1.  I know 2003 is technically not new, but I never released this album.  So recently I have re-mastered and re-packaged it and I am finally making it available!  If you want to check out the album, you can do so here:

Lo Fi And For The Underground Vol. 1

Relationships are hard.  Sometimes you can be with someone and still feel lonely.  We’ve all had those moments where we feel really distant from our significant other.  That’s what I talk about in this tune.  Get your copy on iTunes today by clicking HERE!

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Enjoy the song.