NEW SINGLE: Pretty Boys

Pretty Boys Single Cover

I am putting out a lot of new music leading up to the release of my upcoming album.  Today is my single “Pretty Boys.”  This tune is from my 2003 album Lo Fi And For The Underground Vol. 1.  Now, I know what you’re saying…2003 is not new?!?!  Well, it kind of is because I never really released that album.  I just sold a few to friends and co-workers.  I have been reminiscing a lot lately and decided I needed to release Lo Fi.  If you want to listen to some tracks and check out the whole album, you can do that here:

Lo Fi And For The Underground Vol. 1

This song still cracks me listening to it.  It reminds me how bitter I was back then.  My band was breaking up and I was working at Applebees.  There was so much drama going on all around me.  But mainly I was really tired of watching all the girls I liked hook up with lame pretty boys.  Thus this song.  If you want to snag up the single, you can get it on iTunes here:

I hope you enjoy it.  More music coming soon!