Gaspin' Art

I am putting out a bunch of new singles until the release of my upcoming album.  Today it is my single “Gaspin'”  This tune is from my 2003 album Lo Fi And For The Underground Vol. 1.  I never really released this record but I’ve always liked it.  So I am repackaging it and making it available for the first time now!  If you want to listen to some tracks and check out the whole album, you can do that here:

Lo Fi And For The Underground Vol. 1

I’ve struggled with staying positive over the years.  It’s so easy to get cynical and bitter in this life.  But that is such a waste of energy.  There really is so much dopeness in this life.  Yes that’s a word.  My song “Gaspin'” is about just that.  Take a deep breath and realize you are going to be ok.  Life is pretty awesome.  Get your copy of Gaspin on iTunes today at:

Hope you enjoy the music.  Remember to just breathe.